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Kerry Press

Kerry Press

Certified Clinic Thermographer

While spending 20 years climbing the corporate ladder at two fortune 100 companies, my life became a whirlwind when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and was forced to make some major changes.

After spending almost two years focused on fighting the cancer, removing my breasts and trying to put some semblance to my new way of life, I set out on a few missions.

Dr. Gregory Melvin, DC, BCCT

Dr. Gregory Melvin, DC, BCCT

Board certified Thermal Reading Doctor for 20+ years

Dr. Melvin is highly qualified with 41 years of chiropractic experience, 27 years of reading and interpreting thermal imaging scans, more than 100.000 studies read, and 300 hours of radiology. He is a noted speaker who teaches and certifies doctors and technicians in thermal imaging. He has trained offices throughout the U.S. and continues to educate himself everyday in analyzing his patients scans to help them have a better understanding of their condition and health options.

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, NMD, DO

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, NMD, DO

Medical Doctor, Naturopathic MD, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Author, Speaker

Dr. Ben Johnson is co-founder of Thermography Unlimited, LLC with Linda Hayes. Dr. Ben is a complementary and alternative medicine physician that has earned a MD and NMD degree in Osteopathy from the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City. In 1996 he moved from his practice in Colorado to become a founder and director of the Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia for several years.

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