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The Thermal Imaging Centers of America was founded with the goal of providing a safe, radiation-free and pain-free health screening alternative to the masses. Our founder, Kerry Press, was motivated by her own experience with cancer to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for clients who are anxiously seeking answers to their prominent and/or potential health issues.

Thermography is a safe and noninvasive health screening technique that can detect signs of disease and/or dysfunction. Often times, as in breast health screenings, thermal imaging may detect disease up to ten years earlier than mammography. While other diagnostics such as ultrasound, radiography and mammography show the body’s structure or anatomy, DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) shows physiological and metabolic processes instead.This process provides a different, inside perspective on a person’s well-being.

Certified Clinic Thermographer

Kerry Press

After 20 years climbing the corporate ladder at two different fortune 100 companies, my life became a whirlwind when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and was forced to make some major life changes.

Once I spent almost two years focused on fighting breast cancer, removing my breasts and trying to put some semblance to my new way of life, I set out on a few missions.

My first mission, after losing my friend, Angela Pereira D’auria to breast cancer, was that of spreading the word, sharing my story and helping others. I stepped into the public speaking circuit and spoke to audiences all over the country in my effort to help others.

Today I still continue to speak; educating others and helping them understand all of the amazing benefits of thermography. I will make myself available to you, your group, club, church, employer, etc. and present ALL for the good of thermography, FREE! Just reach out – I will make it happen! (That’s how important this is!)

Second, I created “The Pink Heals Project™” where men contributed to the cause of helping others by wearing pink high heels in support of ALL the women in their lives and the women they know who have bared the burden of battling this dreaded disease. (I know, these are red- just go with it!) If you are interested in learning more about this project, comment or send me a PM; I’d love to share it with you.

And finally, in 2014 we opened our first thermal imaging clinic. Now there are three clinics in the Phoenix, AZ area. After having had my own battle with cancer and being in the circle of people who were “close to cancer” (on ALL DIFFERENT levels), I learned of thermography and knew I needed to know more!

Much time, commitment, expense, and learning went into my mission of bringing this medical technology to everyone I came in contact with and everyone I cared about.

Since starting my business, things have grown exponentially! My personal mission has become a purpose of helping others by providing FDA approved, radiation-free and PAINLESS health risk assessment screenings that aid in seeing angiogenesis via thermal emissions in the body that are indications of the early development of disease and dysfunction.

Thermography is growing to be the gold standard and the preferred health risk assessment screening for EVERYONE – men, women, the elderly and children! And I am thrilled to be at the forefront of this change!

Board certified Thermal Reading Doctor for 20+ years

Dr. Gregory Melvin, DC, BCCT


Doctor of Chiropractic

Board Certified Thermal Reading Doctor for 27+ Years

Dr. Melvin is highly qualified with 41 years of chiropractic experience, 27 years of reading and interpreting thermal imaging scans, more than 100.000 studies read, and 300 hours of radiology. He is a noted speaker who teaches and certifies doctors and technicians in thermal imaging. He has trained offices throughout the U.S. and continues to educate himself everyday in analyzing his patients scans to help them have a better understanding of their condition and health options.


Helix High School, La Mesa , CA: 69– 73

Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, CA: 73– 77

California State Board, Los Angeles, CA: 77

Spinal Column Stressology (continued education ), Long Beach, CA: 78– 91 Over 300 hours

Parker Seminars (continued education), Fort Worth, Texas: 77-91 Over 300 hours

Design Patten Spinal Stabilizing Chair, La Mesa, CA: 85 (14 year Patten FDA approved 86 as a medical device to reduce IVD stress¬load)

International Academy of Clinical Thermology (continued education), Fresno, CA: 91 (60 hours with examination an 100 reports reviewed by examiner)

Thermo Reader for Thermo Vision, San Diego, CA: 91– 94 Over 600 reports

Color Enhanced Radiography (originated by Greg Melvin to view X-Ray from a physio-logical point of view by slight calcium density patterns noted by digitizing an color enhancement), San Diego, CA: 91– 96 Over 500 Studies

Thermography used the primary source of diagnoses by a practitioner taught that radiography as the only source to identify structural pathology (after taking over Thermo Vision’s digital infrared scanner in 1995), San Diego, CA: 95– 2004

Integrative Thermo Imaging (co-founder with Linda Hayes), La Mesa , CA: 2004-present

Meditherm-American Academy of Clinical Thermology by Dr. Peter Leondo the originator, La Jolla , CA: 2004 over 60 hours

Integrative Thermo Imaging (as a Reader has read over 600 study), La Mesa, CA: 2004– present

Dr. Gregory Melvin, DC, BCCT … practice and began conducting breast studies after his training at Duke Universityin 2005. 

Medical Doctor, Naturopathic MD, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Author, Speaker

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, NMD, DO


Dr. Ben Johnson is renowned health expert and the only medical doctor to appear in the hit movie “The Secret”. Dr. Ben is a renowned health expert and informative speaker, committed, and passionate about serving the increasing global need of integrative alternative cancer. He has three medical degrees, (M.D., N.M.D., D.O.). Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Medical Doctor, and Doctor of Osteopathy. He also has a Master of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Dr. Ben is intensely interested in alternative medicines after reversing the effects of Lou Gehrig’s disease using unconventional medicine.

Dr. Johnson’s medical career spans over thirty years, from his graduate work in immuno-pathology in 1976 to his current concentration-writing and speaking on staying healthy, especially for women in the area of breast health. He earned his Doctor of Osteopathy degree in 1981, his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree in 2001, and his M.D. in 2004.

Dr. Johnson worked in both General Practice and Emergency Medicine from 1982 to 1996, serving as a U. S. Army Reserve Flight Surgeon Major for 13 years and a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA. In 1997 Dr. Johnson began to formally combine conventional and complementary medicine, moving back home to Georgia and founding, in Atlanta, The Immune Recovery Foundation. Turning in 2004 to breast cancer research and breast health education, Dr. Johnson founded the International Cancer Foundation in Rossville, GA.

Dr. Ben Johnson, or simply Dr. Ben to his friends, patients and colleagues, is committed to serving, and in many cases, healing Cancer patients world-wide. Many patients can come to their doctor but not many doctors come to their patients. Dr. Ben does because many patients cannot or do not want to travel to another state or country for several months of treatment. Many patients do not want to leave family or need to continue to work making this a very practical approach.

Dr. Ben has published three books, The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom, Healing Water and the #1 best seller The Healing Codes with Alex Loyd. He is currently writing his latest book, on Thermography because early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer and Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is the only imaging device that allows for early detection many times years before Mammograms can detect the cancer.


  • Founder and director of the Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Flight surgeon in the US Army Reserve
  • Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA for 12 years
  • Family practice in Colorado Springs
  • Physician at International Cancer Foundation


The only medical doctor to appear in the #1 selling DVD of all time, The Secret.


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