Prostate and testicular study for men

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Prostate and testicular study for men

6 images:  5 images of the pelvis and testicles and on snapshot of the torso/abdomen/digestive system

One in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime in the US; it is currently the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind lung cancer
Chronic inflammation in the lower pelvic floor from pressure due to improper digestion often causes of an environment which promotes prostate cancer.  Only thermography can screen for chronic inflammation that may be fostering an environment for prostate cancer to thrive – not a PSA test.
lymphatic congestion of the groin and lower pelvic region

stomach, diaphragm, gallbladder, liver, large and small intestines, ascending and descending colon

intestinal inflammation 
testicles and prostate marker region
Results include a comprehensive report of clinical interpretive findings, any recommendations and a color copy of each image taken.  COST:  $250.00